Go Where You’re Most Needed

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find people you are looking for immediately? If you need help with something, a friend or a worthy cause, find it immediately as soon as you think about it… regardless of what it is that you are looking for or where you are.

When you enter the Mikiverse (the utopia MikiMoka helps you build), you can find what you are looking for by exploiting opportunities via 12,288 alternate relationships. Don’t get frustrated though, you can accomplish this in just a few strokes. What’s more, as Miki learns who you are, you won’t even have to do this. Because Miki will know what you may need and it will be available for you even before you search for it. With the click of a button you’ll get what you want… all the time. That’s the “Miki Effect.”

Why stop there? You will also know where you are needed the most, where you should go next. So, it doesn’t matter whether you want to give something or get something. You’ll always going to be where you should be with the people you should be with. The world will be your oyster.

MikiMoka is like the rain, he goes where he is needed the most.


Jane is a marketer and she was visiting New York to see her sister’s newborn baby. While she was strolling through the Wall Street, she has been spotted by the locals and received a tempting offer.

John was, on the other hand, already on a business trip. When he had a few hours to see the city, he too was spotted by the locals and decided to stay in New York for a while. It’s the city of golden opportunities, after all.


During Summer, Jane always spends a week in France enjoying the local cuisine. Since she has become quite an expert, she is often requested by wannabe gourmets to exchange ideas.

John loves to work with his hands, because he usually spends his daylight hours behind a computer screen. He loves to help out people and make a little bit of extra money.  Strangely enough, he loves French towns too.


You cannot escape your past or can you? During the holiday season both John and Jane like to spend a few more weeks and help out fellow Texans. As you know, charity begins in the family as long as the price is right.


After watching a famous Turkish sitcom, both Jane and John ended up in Istanbul without knowing about each other. Since you have to take a selfie right next to the Galata Tower to be somebody, they met there and it was love at first sight.



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