Interesting… it’s unique. If you can really find people like that… I have to see this application! Cool… – Startup School by Y Combinator.

Christopher Golda

Mark Zuckerberg will say: “I should have thought of that!” -Faculty of Management Sciences, Sabanci University.

Cenk Koçaş

Finally, an application that brings people together in the real world, something beyond texting and posting selfies! -Cooper.

Kelly Dolan

We accept only 3-4 projects a year, but I would definitely be interested in this one. The road ahead is tough, but great stories are written only that way. -VC representing a select group of Canadian investors.

Mustafa Temiz

This is by far, the wildest idea I have ever heard. Even if it fails, the results will be glorious! -SUCooL

Kutlu Kazancı

This application consolidates every aspect of our lives in a very simple, straightforward way. All aspects of your life come together under your complete control and they don’t pollute each other’s space. -VC representing a select group of investors in the New York and Boston areas, USA.

Mustafa Tanyeri

Push notifications will bother you no more. The MikiMoka team has introduced a new concept: “pull notifications.” It’s pure magic! -Inovent, “innovative ventures”, Sabanci University.

Merih Pasin

There may be a huge opportunity here. Awesome application! -Keiretsu Forum Southern California.

William Taffa

One billion? Either you don’t know math or I don’t know what I’m talking about. This is going to be huge! -Alta Systems

Şenol Dikyurt

So, this is a new type of human augmentation, a new concept unlike any other. Let me have a look at it ASAP. -GREE VR

Yasushi Komori