As you know, it’s not easy to find dependable co-founders. Most of the time it’s the guy or the gal next door looking pretty much like you. When co-founders lack complementary skills, you are headed for disaster.

We cannot say that we were lucky. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get this far, but we finally made it. Right now, we have one of the best teams out there!


Our formula is simple: “idea + business makes the company” or if you prefer the more popular way of saying it, “we can execute the s**t out of our idea.”


By the way, did we say that we were trained by the best?


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erol aylin derya




Ambivert (ENTJ and INTJ)





Business Developer

#system analysis #user experience #community building
Erol may be the most experienced computer scientist when it comes to dealing with product development or process improvement issues around here. While being the oldest guy in the team, he is also the most agile. Aylin has worked in one of the most turbulent and successful startups in Europe (Markafoni) and she doesn’t have any scars. We’re still waiting, but nobody can come up with a marketing challenge she cannot handle. Don’t let the appearances fool you. Derya isn’t just a pretty face. She is an engineer who has pursued a career in business development. If you come across her in a business negotiation, you’ll be on the losing end, that’s for sure!
merih ercan cenk
MENTORING \ commercialization MENTORING \ system architecture MENTORING \ product-market fit
#brand management, #intellectual property, #negotiation #design patterns,  #mobile app testing, #system integration testing #network economics, #online markets, #game theory,
Dr. Merih Pasin is our consultant responsible for our project’s commercialization at the incubator firm, Inovent. Inovent (Innovative Ventures) is Sabanci University’s world renowned incubator. It also has a sister company, SUCcool which acts as a pre-incubator. Ercan is our consultant responsible for system architecture. He is an experienced developer with a taste for software engineering. He worked side by side with us on his way to Poland just to make sure we’ve got everything right. He was especially helpful on the blind spots of mobile development. Dr. Cenk Kocas is our consultant responsible for business modeling. He is a popular figure when it comes to social apps, innovative revenue streams and user engagement. He is a member of the Management Sciences Faculty at Sabanci University.


We are endorsed by Microsoft’s BizSpark program.
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MikiMoka is a startup endorsed by Sabanci University.